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3rd Annual Ride for the Riches
March 1-2 2014

Results for the third show of the 3rd Annual
Ride for the Riches are as follows:

Open Division

Open Division Winners
1st - John Kealey and Jim Krakower
  2nd - James Greer and Kathy Mitchell
3rd - Bobbi Ulrich and Shari Ransford
4th - Shari Ransford and James Greer 
5th - Shari Ransford and Scott Stresen-Reuter
6th - Keith Hanson and Scott Stresen-Reuter
7th - Kylie Babbitt and Kathy Mithchell
8th - John Kealey and Gail Powers
9th - Rick Ulrich and Val Tamme
10th - Scott Stresen-Reuter and Bobbi Ulrich

High Point Buckle Winner - Open Division
Sponsored by LM Ranch Sorting
Shari Ransford

Mixed Division

Mixed Division Winners
1st - Bobbi Ulrich and Val Tamme
  2nd - Keith Hanson and Bobbi Ulrich
3rd - Shari Ransford and Val Tamme
4th - Shari Ransford and Scott Stresen-Reuter 
5th - Val Tamme and Eve Martin
6th - Bobbi Ulrich and Scott Stresen-Reuter
7th - Kathy Mitchell and Rick Ulrich
8th - Kylie Babbitt and Dave Dalgleish 
9th - James Greer and Kylie Babbitt
10th - Jimmy McGill and Sherry Hole

High Point Buckle Winner - Mixed Division

Sponsored by US Health Advisors
Bobbi Ulrich
Sevens Division

Sevens Division Winners
1st - Kylie Babbitt and Val Tamme
  2nd - Dave Dalgleish and Rich Ulrich
3rd - Bobbi Ulrich and Dave Dalgleish
4th - Shari Ransford and John Kealey
5th - CL Robertson and Kathy Mitchell
6th - Keith Hanson and Scott Stresen-Reuter
7th - Scott Stresen-Reuter Kylie Babbitt
8th - Shari Ransford and Kathy Mitchell
9th - CL Robertson and John Kealey 
10th - Shari Ransford and Heidi Canning

High Point Buckle Winner - Seven's Divison
Sponsored by First Source Merchants
Dave Dalgleish
Fours Division

Sherry Hole and Chris Jayne
Winners Fours Division
1st - Sherry Hole and Chris Jayne

  2nd - Sherry Hole and Gail Powers
3rd - Kelsie Cranford and John Kealey
4th - Kelsie Cranford and Keith Hanson 
5th - Marguerite Shatzer and John Kealey 
6th - Melissa Metcalfe and Chris Jayne 
7th - Marguerite Shatzer and Chuck Shatzer 
8th - Chuck Shatzer and Keith Hanson
9th - Jimmy McGill and Sherry Hole
10th - Chuck Shatzer and John Kealey
Sherry Hole Four Division Buckle
High Point Buckle Winner - Four's Division
Sponsored by V & V Tack and Feed
Sherry Hole


Photos courtesy of  "Jessie Rodriquez Angelcloud"


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