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Extended Services

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B Bar J is designed for clients to strictly enjoy their horses while visiting the facility. All of the daily maintenance of feeding and cleaning stalls is provided by B Bar J Staff. B Bar J staff also manages weekly maintenance of bedding stalls, cleaning waterers and maintaining the safety of the stalls.

B Bar J provides quality hays that are fed to all boarding animals 3 times a day. B Bar J staff carefully monitors the weight of all animals at the facility to ensure that they are always receiving the proper amounts of hay to prevent obesity and underweight animals. The amounts of hays are adjusted according to the animal’s age, amount of exercise and nutritional requirements. B Bar J also offers supplement programs or will feed supplements of the owner choice.

All stalls are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis 7 days a week. All manure is taken off the property to insure a healthy environment and greatly reduce the presence and breeding of flies and other harmful insects. This reduces the amount of fly sprays needed to protect animals from the biting flies. Less insecticide, healthier animals!

For additional fees B Bar J offers turnouts once or twice a week, providing bedding for stalls on a weekly basis, putting horses on the hot walker once or twice a week to maintain muscle tone and maintenance exercise to keep animals well tuned in the owners absence just to name a few. A full list of all services will happily be provided upon request.


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