The Stalls at B Bar J
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Stalls at the Facility


Horse Stalls


B Bar J Equestrian Training Centre is a full care "licensed" boarding facility with many amenities! B Bar J offers clean and safe 12' x 24' stalls with adequate shelter to provide plenty of shade in the summer months as well as a dry area when we have our monsoon rains.

All stalls at the facility are 12' x 24' pipe panels designed to prevent animals from direct contact with each other. All stalls also have a 32" heavy rubber lining to help prevent horses from injuring themselves when playing or fussing at their neighbor. All stalls have large trees planted around them to add additional shade in the hot summer months. Even the arenas are lined with large trees to provide shade while riding during the summer.

Shaded Horse Stalls

Clients at B Bar J receive a 64 cubic tack box with equipped with either one or two saddle racks, bridle racks and plenty of room for all the extras needed to care for your animals. The tack boxes are designed for clients own locks to ensure security for your equipment.


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